Thanks for checking out my page, my name is Daniel and I’ve been a musician my entire life. Guitar is my main instrument but I’m also a piano player and percussionist.

I’ve also been a Audio Engineer, graduated with a Recording Arts degree in 2005. I’ve worked in live sound, post production and have been a professional Audio Technician for the Los Angeles Recording School.

Over the last few years I’ve noticed a shift in how we consume our entertainment. I’ve decided to invest in my studio and start offering Audio Engineering services to our new creators.



I know I can provide a valuable service to content creators to help them achieve a more professional channel. While most creators tend to focus on image and look. It’s important to also have a professional sound. Even with the popularity with LoFi channels on YouTube, audio quality could gain you more subscribers without seeming like you’re overhauling your channels vibe.



Audio production can be massive or small depending on what fits for your project. My services can help new or established creators achieve a new level that is tailored to their needs and vision.



Whether its editing for a podcast, or music production for a intro; I can make your vision a reality. As a musician I am capable of creating original music for any project. Or accentuating the triggers in your ASMR videos while keeping the integrity of the genre, I’m confident we could achieve new heights.


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